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    Updated on: 03-21,2022 / Views:

    On March 11, 2022, Alpha Architecture Conference was grandally opened in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition focused on new global architectural projects, new designs, new technologies and new materials, attracting the participation of many global top design firms, architects and innovative materials enterprises.

    As a leader of global factory architecture, Yuanda Living Building, with subversive new building materials and clean fresh air products to ensure healthy life, appeared in Alpha Architecture Conference and became the focus of the exhibition.

    Yuanda Living Building is 100% factory built, faster and more environmentally friendly. Structure, wall and window, mechanical and electrical, decoration, all in the factory production debugging, site modular installation, so the construction speed is particularly fast, the speed is more than 2/3 faster than traditional construction time. With a project of 70,000 square meters as an example, it can be completed in about 4 months from design, production to installation, and fine decoration delivery. The installation process saves water and electricity, and does not produce dust pollution and construction waste.

    Yuanda living building is all stainless steel building, millennium life. Exhibition mainly shows the great living building floor material - stainless steel core board, "two pieces of steel plate sandwiched thin core tube array, by 1100 ℃ hot copper brazing technology, even form a solid whole, super super light mechanical properties similar to NASA spacecraft honeycomb panel, has obtained 75 national patent certification", the staff of the site. Yuanda living building does not use an inch of concrete, can be recycled, can be rebuilt in different places.

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