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  • Moonbay Goddess Day

    Updated on: 09-27,2021 / Views:

    March, is the season of flowers.  

    The earth is full of the sea of flowers, flowers of the world, pink peach blossom, white pear, yellow rape, you don't let me, I don't let you, competing to open, for the world added countless beauty and happiness.  

    But the most beautiful flowers are not they, but you special "woman flowers".  

    As long as there are people there will be your bloom.


    They never lack of talent and passion for life. They play an important role in different stages and fields, wanton bloom of their own youth, demonstrating "her power".


    May they be their own queens, not humble, worthy of the gift of time, and strive to live as they like.


    Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial CO., Ltd  bend dedicated to every hard-working, never live up to the time of the girl.


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