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    Updated on: 08-12,2022 / Views:

    drain cover

    It belongs to a kind of environmental engineering accessories. Many cities are made of steel grating. They are often used in public or industrial building groups such as sanitation projects, urban greening, and industrial production emissions, and are widely used in road construction. It is mainly used for sewage discharge and ground support, because its material has strong waterproof and rust resistance, and basically does not require maintenance and replacement.


    There are many types of gutter covers, because the materials used are different due to the different environments used, and measures should be taken according to local conditions. Metal drainage pipes are relatively common. Generally, if they are only used for urban drainage and for people to walk, steel gratings are generally used. The carrying capacity is strong, and some large and medium-sized vehicles can travel. However, in chemical plants or areas with frequent acid rain, if metal is used, it will cause chemical reactions, resulting in tedious replacement and increased maintenance costs. The glass gutter cover is lighter in texture than the metal gutter, and it saves time and effort in installation. The resin fiber glass produced by the new technology has a bearing capacity that is not inferior to that of metal, and has strong corrosion resistance. It plays a great role in many chemical production and acid and alkali sewage discharge fields. There is also a reinforced concrete drainage ditch cover, which is made of concrete material. It has strong stability and a certain degree of stability, but it is cumbersome and difficult to repair once a problem occurs.


    The most direct function of the gutter cover is to clean the road drainage. Whether it is sewage or standing water, it is a phenomenon that affects urban life. However, there are many types of gutter covers and different shapes. So how do you choose the right gutter cover?

    The dense drainage ditch is designed for places with dense crowds. The dense drainage ditch cover is characterized by small gaps, which can allow some small and conventional objects to pass through without getting stuck, and retain the function of drainage.

    For some garden facilities, stadiums and other places can use steel grating. Generally, U-shaped steel grating has strong air permeability and excellent drainage performance, and does not need to be replaced or regularly maintained. Moreover, it is the best choice for the strong load-bearing capacity of main roads such as automobiles. Moreover, the wooden gutter cover is also more suitable for garden facilities and can be matched with its beautification. For the drainage ditches near some chemical plants, it is necessary to choose some resinous materials that are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and have relatively simple committees. The structure is light and easy to replace and repair.

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