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  • Why Polymer concrete drain channel very well

    Updated on: 08-12,2022 / Views:

     One of the reasons: application performance is superior. The finished drainage ditch enhances the sense of place. If the same ground paving materials are used in different places, then a linear drainage ditch can be used on the drainage ditch to design a unique appearance, and it can be used as the dividing line of different areas. The division of space areas can strengthen the sense of regional place. According to the engineering layout and engineering standards of the drainage system, the drainage ditch shall determine the depth and spacing of the drainage ditch in the field, and analyze and calculate the flow, water level, section size and engineering quantity of the drainage ditch and buildings at all levels. The linear drainage ditch modular system has different specification groups and can meet the needs of various building drainage. Because it is linear continuous drainage, the drainage volume is better than the ordinary point drainage effect, and there will be no local water accumulation.


    The main problem is reflected in the following two aspects: corrosion resistance. Resin for concrete drainage ditch has no capillary pores, no water absorption, and corrosion and damage are blocked, which can prevent the growth and destruction of biotechnology on its research surface, and prevent harmful organisms from having any business survival and development opportunities. Due to the high concentration of chemical corrosion in a short period of time, due to the high amount of aggregate filling and no capillary phenomenon, the damage will only occur between the surfaces, and will not damage the social structure and strength for in-depth analysis of the interior of the concrete company; long life. Resin concrete drainage ditch has almost unlimited working life in the design process under the correct specification and standard requirements and installation. Compared with cement concrete, plastic and other related materials, the service life is longer, and the annual cost management is relatively relatively high. Therefore, the economic and environmental benefits of using different resin concrete building materials are much higher than some other materials.

    The second reason: the structural design is perfect.


    The characteristic of resin-based concrete drainage ditch is that its ditch body and cover plate need to be combined with the design and teaching style of society. The development of integrated drainage ditch is applied and recognized by enterprises, which is inseparable from the perfection of its own economic structure that can be designed. . First of all, resin as a concrete drainage ditch and a well-organized and designed garden plant landscape research plan can coordinate the national unity, meet the needs of students' aesthetic ability standards, and have a beautiful appearance. Secondly, the manufacturer sets the resin concrete drainage ditch as an integrated style that combines the ditch cover and the ditch body to ensure the perfect information integration of the urban drainage management system and applicable legal and environmental issues in application! In the selection of resin concrete drainage ditch materials, we use resin concrete, which is a highly environmentally friendly material, and keep the inner wall of the drainage ditch smooth to avoid accumulated dirt and clogging.

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