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  • Installation steps and precautions of the universal support

    Updated on: 08-12,2022 / Views:

    The construction steps are as follows:


    The universal supporter is composed of an adjustable base and a rotatable joint, and its center is a heightening piece, which can be increased and the height of the stone can be adjusted by rotating the thread. Let's take a look at the specific steps and installation points of the universal support stone installation.

    • In order to determine the placement position of the universal support, first determine the starting position, draw the horizontal line, and draw a grid.

    • Temporarily place the supporter on the drawn grid.

    • Put the stone or wooden board on the support, place the level on the stone board, observe the level, and adjust the level of the stone board by adjusting the support one by one.

    • Stone planks are placed.

    • Repeat step 3 to place other stone boards while using the spirit level.

    • Install the rest of the material in the same way and make it level.

    • Construction is complete

    Universal support stone installation points and precautions:

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