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    Updated on: 08-16,2022 / Views:

    Parent-child food, drink and fun to save money

    Mothers, hurry up and collect them~

    • Buying tickets for surrounding tours (amusement parks/attractions): Generally, you can book tickets on WeChat public accounts such as Heroes/Lianlian/Maitao, which are cheaper than buying on-site, and sometimes cheaper than Meituan.

    • Eating food (most of hot pot/barbecue): Generally, you can buy it at Lianlian/Qianqianhui/Xiaoshan. Basically, it is a fixed set menu. After you arrive at the store, you can order your favorite dishes, which is very cost-effective.

    • When drinking milk tea, you can search for the brand you want on Douyin. Most of them have discounts, and there may be limited styles. Pick the one you like.

    • To watch movies, you can also search on Douyin, which is cheaper than Tao Piao Piao/Maoyan. But there may be limited theaters, and you can choose the one closest to your home.

    • There will also be activities for foot baths, massages, and manicures. Most of them are on Lianlian/Qianqianhui. These usually need to be reserved in advance after purchasing a package.


    Feel the warmth with the baby

    My daughter is 5 years old this year. She is a sensitive child who often speaks amazingly and brings tears to my eyes.

    One day before going to bed, she suddenly told me that if one day my mother can't find me, don't be sad, I must be hiding, I will still think of you in my heart and play with you.

    This must have been influenced by her TikTok during the day, but I still felt it and cried. She handed me a tissue, I said thank you, she said I was your daughter and should help you with things...

    This conversation has been engraved in my mind since then. Whenever the little padded jacket leaks, it makes me anxious. When I think back to these touching moments, my mood will gradually calm down.

    I advocate peaceful education, do not beat or scold children, children can understand and understand, but sometimes we need to use our own way to brush the sense of existence, all we have to do is to be patient and wait for a flower to bloom.


    Everyone knows Fu Seoul that Qi Hua said, and I admire her style of being a person and doing things. Her childhood was not happy and her family was not complete, but she still grew up to be a person with personality, style and insight. It was not easy. She can always tell the audience about the trivial matters at home in such a brisk tone, and she also educates her children very well. I summarize some of her ideas to share with you:

    Four sentences to develop a strong inner child:

    1. Baby, I need you (learn to show weakness, children know they are needed);

    2. Baby, you decide

    3. Baby, you are doing better than your mother (figurative praise and encouragement of the child)

    4. It's okay baby

    We must learn to magnify the advantages of the child, praise and praise more, and not treat him/her as a child who does not understand everything. You can go home and try it with your child for 3 months to see if there will be a qualitative change.


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