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  • Adjustable paving support advantage Unique advantage of adjustable paving and decking support: 1. Better acoustic insulation Thanks to the “bi-component” head, anti-slip and anti-noise, Moonbay adjustable paving and decking supp..
  • Moonbay adjustable paving support application The award-winning adjustable plastic paving support can be used with tiles, pavers and timber decking to create raised floors on, green roofs, balconies, water features and terraces. Capable of accommodating heights f..
  • Moonbay adjustable paving support basic info Moonbay Adjustable Plastic Paving Support is a professional pedestals system for supporting and leveling all kinds of pavers without any damage of waterproof surface. Moonbay adjustable plastic Paving S..
  • What is Moonbay adjustable plastic decking pedestal WHAT IS MOONBAY PLASTIC DECKING PEDESTAL SYSTEM The Moonbay pedestal decking pedestal system is a range of lightweight, durable paving and decking support units. Designed to meet the exacting standa..
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