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Paving Support Screwjack Plot

Paving Support Screwjack Plot

Plazas And Terraces

Moonbay Paving Support Screwjack Plot can help you create a grand public space to offer visitors a space for contemplation and comfort.  But, pedestals are equally suitable for a courtyard between building to offer respite from the noisy office environment.  In the intimate Baiso Temple shown below, the architect envisioned a terrace by day, to be walked on but, by night the terrace transforms to a pristine lake to be admired from the temple through the floor to ceiling windows.

The plaza and terrace projects shown below boast heavy natural stone and concrete pavers but Moonbay pedestals can be also be strewn with joist hangers and covered with decking material ranging from traditional wood planking, engineered wood tiles, composites, or even ceramic and glass tile.


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