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Adjustable Pedestal To Support Concrete Wood



- What is the problem that the universal pedestal can solve?


·Water, fountain is one of the indispensable landscape engineering, do fountains and water engineering, because of the complex pipeline, the traditional construction technology are poured in concrete pipe, some even exposed to the outside, so bring a lot of problems for later engineering maintenance, the aesthetic effect is also very poor. [universal support] will be able to solve the above problems.

· Outdoor wood flooring generally use the traditional construction technology of laying, due to long time in contact with the ground wind and rain, wood perishable, even if not rot will aliasing distortion due to moisture, and the traditional craft wooden floor height is limited, otherwise there will be security risks. The traditional technology not only can not meet the requirements of modern construction engineering, but also greatly reduces the aesthetic level, which reduces the practical life of the wooden floor more seriously.


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