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Other Product

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Complete range:

  • Aluminum decking

    As an option for decking material, aluminum decking is a small category with some unique attributes when compared to more commonly available materials.

  • Aluminum Manhole Cover

    This is invisible manhole cover, it is made of aluminum . It can be customized in many colors, and Logo, size, material can be customized to meet All customer needs.

  • Disposable Formwork Structure

    Compared to traditional concrete pouring, diaposable Formwork is simple to install, with less labor cost and 80% faster installation speed. Because diaposable formwork can be stacked during transporta

  • Wood Plastic Composite system

    The Eco-friendly wood/bamboo plastic composite outdoor decking we produced is made of:30%HDPE(grade A Recycled HDPE) 60%wood or bamboo (professionally treateddry bamboo fiber)10%chemical additives(Ant

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