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    In this fast pace of life, people don't spend much time to understand the relationship between people.So it's important to learn how to communicate effectively.How to Win People over is a book that many of you have read,Today we're going to talk about it through this book.How to interact with people and influence them effectively in daily life, business activities and social interactions.

    N0.1 Principles of dealing with people

    • Don't criticize, condemn or complain easily

    • Give genuine praise

    • Pay attention to each other's needs


    N0.2 How do you make people like you

    • Be genuinely interested in other people

    • Smile is the best language

    • Learn to listen to others

    • Talk about topics of interest to the other person

    • Make others feel important


    N0.3 How do you convince people

    • Don't argue with people

    • Don't just say you're wrong

    • Admit your mistakes

    • Be good at analyzing problems from the perspective of others


    N0.4 How to make a happy family

    • Don't chatter

    • Don't criticize

    • Compliment and appreciate the other person honestly

    • Pay attention to the little things in life

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