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    Updated on: 08-12,2022 / Views:

    Linear drainage system ''originated in Europe'', product classification is: slot linear drainage system, U-shaped linear drainage system, V-shaped linear drainage system, integrated linear drainage system, curb linear drainage system.

    product advantages:

    Linear drainage ditch is a modular system with different standard groups and can meet the needs of various building drainage. Because it is linear continuous drainage, the drainage is better than the general ''point drainage effect, and it will not show the '' part. The phenomenon of stagnant water'';

    The linear drainage ditch is made of resin concrete, which has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-freezing and corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, smooth appearance and zero permeability;


    The unique "V" and "U" shape of the cross section can effectively increase the drainage capacity and enhance the self-purification function;

    The linear planning gives a very intuitive linear look and feel, which is concise and consistent, and the linear continuous water cutoff and drainage power are high;

    In terms of installation and maintenance, the construction is 'shallow digging depth', easy to find slopes, easy to construct, and 'fast construction speed' for installation, which can ensure the construction period.

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