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  • Is there any difference in the price of different types of HDPE drain channel cover

    Updated on: 08-13,2022 / Views:

          Influence of raw materials used to make HDPE gutter cover

    • HDPE gutter cover is made of polymer composite material and reinforced frame, and is made of high temperature molding surface. It has excellent impact strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It has better technical performance and practicality than similar products. The main components are resin and glass fiber, the price of these two raw materials will affect the price of HDPE gutter cover.

    • The choice of different raw materials is also the main reason for the price increase. The prices of different raw materials are also different. Some materials are expensive, so the case will cost more.

    • The size of the cover also affects the price of the resin drain cover

    • The materials used are definitely different for different specifications. There are many materials used in the large format, the price must be higher, and the price of thick thickness will be relatively higher.

    • In addition, the quantity of the product purchased is also an important factor in determining the price. If you order more, you can negotiate the price with the seller naturally. If you set more, it will reduce the manufacturer's consumption and time consumption. The price will be relatively low.

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