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  • Moonbay professional course—Not a born manager, but also an acquired leader

    Updated on: 08-15,2022 / Views:

    As a manager, leadership is an integral part, and different types of leaders have different charms.

    None of us are born leaders, and leadership can be learned.

    2.jpg The Thinking Traits and Abilities that Leaders Should Have

     Leadership Four-Dimensional Trait Competence

    · Leadership thinking, non-management thinking

    · Have systematic and structured thinking

    · Build a positive energy team and clean up negative energy

    · Legal thinking

    · Professional thinking

    Four principles

    · Clearly describe the assignment of work to subordinates

    · Have good employment values

    · Do not compete with subordinates

    · Take it easy


    Leaders should teach their subordinates to recognize

    • Work is for yourself, not for the company

    • Pay attention to the sustainability and growth of the platform

    • Everything has an explanation, everything has an echo, everything has a solution, and be a reliable person

    • Companies don’t reuse people who don’t take responsibility

    • Let the leader do multiple choice questions instead of quiz questions, don't let the monkey carry the leader's back

    The company is a whole and only cares about its own department. The structure is small, and it cannot grow by itself. The company will also have big problems. If the company has problems, you jump to other companies, and your worth is also low.

    Building materials behavior services and cooperation industries should recognize the indirect law (service = profit), the highest standard of service - customer satisfaction.


    Don't be a manager

    •  Make a bunch of stupid rules and regulations

    •  Don’t describe the company’s blueprint to employees

    • Not paying attention to cultural construction

    • Treat employees without discrimination

    • Tolerate poor employee performance

    • Not affirming the performance of employees (managers tend to underestimate the power of praise)

    • Responsibilities are not clear, everything is in charge, and no one is in charge

    Half Moon Bay Secrets and Talent Levels

    • S-level talents: have fire in their hearts, light in their eyes, are extremely responsible, and advocate long-termism.

    • A-level talents: able to win battles and have a good style.

    • Type B people: The source of involution and decline of companies.

    • Class C migrant workers: push three times, move twice, and complain.

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