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    Updated on: 12-07,2022 / Views:

    Isolation belt, also known as: grass stone isolation belt, root partition board, grass partition board, green grass stone isolation belt, root partition belt, water baffle board, etc., it is made of 100% recycled plastic, because of its good isolation and plasticity, is widely used in the area of different varieties of plants, landscape modeling and other fields.

    Stainless steel isolation belt is stronger than other isolation belts, higher strength, if you have higher requirements for strength, you can choose it. It has high strength, high quality, weather resistance and durability. In addition, it is not only beautiful and hidden after installation, but it is custom made and we can produce any size product you want.

    Moonbay products with excellent waterproof, anti-aging and high load-bearing physical properties have been recognized and praised by many customers at home and abroad, the products are exported to Europe, Australia, the United States, Russia, Turkey, Dubai and other countries, won the praise of domestic and foreign customers. The universal support device is quick to install, easy to maintain, strong bearing capacity and long service life. After the installation and fixing, it can be fine-tuned to avoid the trouble of repeated disassembly and assembly

    Imitation stainless steel high strength plastic garden edge2

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