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  • Porcelain Tiles on Pedestals

    Updated on: 02-21,2023 / Views:

    Specializing in the development and marketing of adjustable plastic base, tile base, floor base, floor base and other multifunctional base overhead systems. We are committed to providing professional multi-purpose base overhead products, solutions and technical support services for landscape, mirrored water, roof garden, square, fountain, interior decoration, balcony decoration, movable board house and other projects.

    The safe weight range is 800kg to 1000kg based on the height.
    Product features: aging resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

    The adjustable plastic base is made of PP, UV resistance, talc powder, etc. The adjustable plastic base is mainly used for paving bricks and deck joist supports. Our products have 2 separate lines, XY-P series for paving bricks and XY-T series for deck joists. With its high quality and wide range of heights, designers and architects have widely used the system for fountains, water features, swimming pool decorative terraces, garden terraces, roof decorations, balcony decorations, public squares, etc.

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