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Pedestal Accessory

Designed to fully support the load of installed paver and foot traffic, while reducing vibration & shock, the system is tested to withstand over 1000 kg of load.

The main advantages of the rubber paver pedestal are simplified and reliable installation, improved drainage and protection of critical roofing membranes and moisture barrier systems.

Product parameters

Simple to Use & Easy Install (Designed for Purpose. Engineered for Spec.)

Epically Load Bearing (High Performance Industrial Rubber. Tested to Exceed 6,000 lbs of Load)

Resistant to the Elements (Weatherproof, Temperature Resistant & Resists Mold, Mildew & Rot)

Extreme Environments (From -58°C (-76°F) to 105°C (221°F))

Anti-Vibration (Adsorbs Impact & Lowers, Shock Transmittal)

Exceptional Project Value (Made from 100% Recycled Components)

product details

Precision manufactured and durably made from 100% recycled materials; Due to their high-load bearing properties and ease of leveling, the fixed height EPDM rubber pedestal can be used to convert unused roof pace into valuable patio real estate. Apply over broken sidewalks or uneven concrete areas to convert them into wel-drained, level surfaces for entertaining, storage, or improved access.



Alibaba SKA supplier

SGS test report and CE certificate

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Distributors offer onsite service


12800 square meters factory

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Over 50 professional engineers



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